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depends on who you talk to
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and where they were standing when they say this incident. what we do know for sure is that a shootout with police ended with a suspect crashing a police cruiser into this wall. this security camera video shows what unfolded just seconds before a suspected gunman stole a prince george's county police cruiser. >> trying to arrest him. they got in a fight, pushed it out, he took the car and while the doors were being opened, and see it. see how he backed it in. that's what i see. >> prince george's county police were called to the area of lakeland road and route 1 in college park around 10:30 last night, after the report of a man with a gun in the area. once they arrived, shots were exchanged and the gunman was hit. witnesses say they heard 10 to 15 shots. he said it was the sound of gunshots that drew his
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attention. he began recording the scene with his cell phone from above through the windo of his apartment. >> we saw a bunch of cops hiding behind their cars with their guns drawn. >> from their vant nl point, he captured the suspect taking the cop car and driving away from police and crashing it into a mcdonald's drive through wall. you can see multiple prince george's police cars cornering the suspect while he tried to escape. >> reporter: latisha watched it all unfold from the ground. it happened right outside of her convenience store doors. >> you see him getting out of the car and the police was beating him with the stick and he found his way to the front seat and he just drove off through the mcdonald's and he hit the wall. >> reporter: police say the suspect is suffering from nonlife threatening injuries. without question, this was far from a typical night in college
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park, just blocks from the university of maryland. >> college park is changing. what are you going to say? >> reporter: the folks who actually witnesses this unfold are not the only ones trying to figure out exactly what they saw. prince george's county police are also trying to put the pieces together. we will hear from the police department in a press conference later today. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. now to this extreme heat. storm 4 meteorologist veronica johnson joins us with the first forecast. veronica another hot, humid, sticky day. >> we're seeing a north and northeasterly wind and that is allowing some of the dew point and moisture to start mixing out of here. as far as the temperatures go, today we started out slightly higher than we did yesterday. we failed to drop below 82 degrees and we missed the record high low temperature by 1 degree. 93 is where we are right now
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with a northeast wind, again, at 3 miles per hour. that dew point temperature 57 degrees and we're getting a little bit of a break now, i like that. but i still expect the actual air temperature to take us into the upper 90s to right around 100 degrees in many neighborhoods today. take a look. it's 88 right now in leesburg and 9d 3 in d.c. and 90 in culpeper and around new carrollton and the temperature currently 91 degrees. that heat index value, again, cooperating for right now. low to mid-90s currently and expect to see the air temperature top out, again, right near 100 degrees. feels like later today, 105. could be excessive and could get worse before it gets better coming our way for saturday and especially sunday with storms. we'll talk about that coming up. >> veronica, thank you. right now more than 11,000 people in our region still do not have electricity nearly a week after that wicked storm. pepco reports about 6,700
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customers without power right now. dominion has 1,000 customers without service and bge has 1,000 outages. the other utility companies say they hope to have power restored to everyone this weekend. and pepco says it has hundreds of crews working to restore power at this hour. for many, getting electricity also means feeling the air conditioning, again, especially during this extreme heat. megan mcgrath joins us live in chevy chase with the work to make this happen. i know these people desperately want their air conditioning back on. >> can you imagine this heat that we've seen here in the last week not having air conditioning? while there are thousands of people experiencing just that. pe pepco says they have 98% of their customers back online, if you're part of the 2%, that's not a comforting statistic. we're here in the town of chevy chase. there is a pocket right along a couple streets here and they have been out of power since
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friday. you can see that help is on the way, some of these crews are here, flew in from utah. another crew here from ohio. they have been working very, very hard over the last couple of hours and residents here are hopeful that they will get electricity soon. >> this thing has been this way for a week and we've got another refrigerator in the garage, same thing. >> reporter: spoiled food and no air conditioning. seven long days without power. david levitt and his neighbors are among the unlucky who are still in the dark. >> it's been 90 to 100. we've had no lights, we had to empty two refrigerators losing $500 worth of frozen food. finally, after the fifth night, i had to send my family to a hotel. >> while his family has found relief, levitt is sweating it out at home, taking care of their 15-year-old dog who is spending her time in circled by fans. >> well, this has been a horror story. we've been here 30 years and this is the worst set of days that we've experienced.
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>> reporter: 98% of pepco customers have had their power restored, but there are small pockets like sycamore street and beachwood drive in chevy chase that are still off line. >> it hasn't been much fun. but we've done the best we can. >> what are you doing? >> actually, we have relatives in the area, so, some of us who live here have gone to that house, but i've stayed here with one of my kids just to hunker down and do the best we can. >> reporter: if you are still without power, pepco says it's critical to continue to report your outage so they know where to send the crews. >> we need them to keep calling us back to rereport their outage so that we know that they're out. as we work our way back into neighborhoods, they need to keep calling, three, four times a day. >> reporter: and there's a pretty impressive pace going on here in chevy chase. we left this morning around 8:30 to run around and get interviews
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else where. when we came back right around 10:00 they put in that power pole. they swapped out one that had been snapped in this storm. they're making pretty fast progress, but, again, still a lot of pockets across the area and it's going to take some time. if you are without power, here's some advice, turn everything off. that makes it easier for when they reestablish electricity and turn things back on, it doesn't overload the system. once you get your electricity back, then you can start turning the essentials back on, but, again, they're asking you to acatually power everything down to make their job a little easier. reporting live megan mcgrath, news 4. >> megan, thank you. hope they get their power on back soon. police are searching for the four people who beat a man in the middle of the street. the attack happened at 14th and euclid streets in northwest. the victim was rushed to the hospital. we are told he is listed in serious condition. police are not releasing a motive in the attack. so far, no arrests have been
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made. a 12-year-old is facing second degree murder charges accused of beating his 2-year-old foster sister to death on tuesday. prince george's county police say after interviewing the boy's foster family they arrested him. he's currently at a juvenile detention center and right now he's being charged as a juvenile, but that may change. more than 100 people are looking for a new place to live after a massive fire destroyed a prince william county apartment complex. the fire broke out at the top floor of the apartment building across from the plaza shopping center last night. dozens of extra firefighters came to help out, not only because of the size of the fire, but to provide support because of the dangerously hot weather. one young woman got out, but ran back inside to get her mom and dad out. >> my mom and dad were sleeping and we ran back to get them outside the house. >> we knocked on the door and get out of the house really quick and we ran out through the back. >> two firefighters did get hurt. it's unknown how badly they were
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injured and investigators are still looking into what caused the fire. new today, another disappointing job's report from the labor department. employers added just 80,000 jobs last month. that means the unemployment rate will remain at 8.2%. it's the third straight month of sluggish job growth. the economy has added an average of 75,000 jobs a month since april. president obama is in ohio right now speaking to supporters on day two of his first bus tour of this campaign season. this is a live look right now at poland, ohio. he is discussing the job's report and we'll tell you what he had to say later this hour. mitt romney calls today's jobs report a kick in the gut. he says the disappointing numbers are proof that the president's economic policies aren't working. >> this is a time for america to choose whether they want more of the same. whether unemployment above 8% month after month after month is satisfactory or not. doesn't have to be this way.
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america can do better. and this kick in the gut has got to end. >> romney appears to be winning the fund-raising batting. his campaign along with republican national committee and the romney victory fund raised more than $100 million last month. that will likely be more than the president's fund-raising total for the month. romney's team outraised the president in may, the first full month in which he was the gop's prezumpative candidate. mitt romney's campaign is pretending it is november this weekend. it is holding what it calls super saturday. tomorrow, volunteers and campaign workers will be calling and canvassing hundreds of thousands of voters in battleground states just like they would be right before election day. it is now 11:11. coming up, the hot, hot conditions are hitting much of the country hard. where the extreme temperatures even made the roads buckle. plus, why so many in our plu[ male announcer ]our are you paying more
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welcome back. george zimmerman's attorneys are making an appeal for donations. a statement posted on his legal
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defense's website urges supporters to help him raise the money he needs to post bail. the judge in the case set bail at $1 million yesterday. his original bail was set at $150,000 and he was released from jail but the judge revoked when he found out zimmerman and his wife did not disclose donations they made in a paypal account. the new bail is not about punishing zimmerman, but insurani ensurance he will not flee the country. >> his credibility was the main talking point in this case. >> zimmerman has pled not guilty to second degree murder in the death of florida teenager trayvon martin. investigators are trying to learn more about the crucial seconds before a yacht capsized off long island, killing three children and leaving 24 others overboard. the boat known as candy one could be pulled from the water later today.
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three children ages 8, 11 and 12 were killed in the july 4th accident. officials are trying to figure out if weather or wake from another vessel or overcorrorowd is to blame. >> it is a requirement that on a boat if you have five people on the boat, you need five jackets. if you have 27 people, there is a requirement that you have 27 life jackets. >> police say they do not believe alcohol was a factor. it's not clear if criminal charges will be filed. today maryland governor martin o'malley heads to the white house. he'll be there as president obama signs a transportation bill into law. the legislation will provide funding from deteriorating roads and bridges and also keep interest rates the same on student loans for millions of college students. another speed bump this morning in maryland's effort to expand gambling, according to "washington post" governor martin o'malley will not call a special session next week as he originally planned, but the governor will look for another opportunity to bring the issue before the general assembly.
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o'malley and several senators have pushed for a sixth casino in prince george's county and for bringing table games to the state, but house numbers have pushed back against the plan. and in tennessee, at least two people are dead and several more injured after violent thunderstorms rocked the state. the storms hit late last night near the tennessee/north carolina border. thousands of people are still without power and part of the great smoky mountains national park was damaged. the storms also caused fires in parts of the state as downed wires sparked small brush fires. and we're not the only region feeling this oppressive summer heat, 100 degree days are taking a toll in the midwest. high temperatures caused streets to buckle in michigan and nebraska. barricades are blocking cars from driving over the damaged roads until city crews can repair them. st. louis, milwaukee, minneapolis and chicago were among the midwest cities that set record highs this week are on the verge of doing so. >> the pattern is going to flip next week where we get the cool and the west is going to be
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getting some of the hot weather. >> we need the relief, veronica. >> we do. here we are at the end of a very long stretch of high temperatures, the end of our heat wave and here at the end we'll see some of the highest temperatures on back-to-back days. take a look at the graphic here because yesterday was day eight and today day nine of those temperatures have been 95 degrees or higher. again, coming up the next few days, even higher temperatures. we've been averaging our high has been averaging around 99. other streaks, other streaks of heat here that have gone eight days of 95 or higher back in 1987 and back in 1993 and 2002. in fact, 1993, that was the last time that we had three consecutive days that were 100 degrees or higher. yesterday we hit 100, could do it again today and do it again tomorrow. as far as yesterday's temperature, again, 100 here. 101 in raleigh and 100 was the temperature in atlanta, georgia. 102 in little rock, arkansas. kansas city, too.
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96 in minneapolis, minnesota. that heat starting to come down in areas of the midwest and eventually the ohio valley and we'll see that whole big bubble shrink by the time we get to monday of next week. the dew point at 57 degrees and earlier part of the day, this morning around 5:00 a.m. a, 4:00 a.m. that dew point at 70 degrees and helping us out is this north and northeasterly wind and at times strong enough to try to take down some of that high humidity that has been in the air a. 93 the current temperature here and 91 in fredericksburg, virginia and 90 in culpeper and upper 80s to our north and west. watch the clouds as they head down to the south of our area and mostly sunny day here. for tomorrow, more clouds and the possibility tomorrow of seeing an isolated thunderstorm and it could be strong, maybe even a severe storm or two. we have a better chance, however, of that coming up on sunday. heat index values. look at that, low 90s now but
11:20 am
upper 90s more still towards the inland locations and leleesburg culpeper. we could see humidity climb higher with temperature right near 100 degrees. let's take a look and see what's going on. again, the clouds making their way down to the south and the story that the heat is going to be moving out of here and we're going to be getting a pattern change that will stick around for a couple of days. by sunday that heat will make it down through areas of the mid-atlantic and we expect to see a high temperature on sunday of 95 to 97, 98 degrees around this area and then next week starting on monday and running what looks like right through the week temperatures back near average. 85 to 89 and some 20 degrees cooler than what we have been witnessing over almost the last two weeks so that heat will head down to areas of the south and, again, a pattern change where that heat is sticking around out west. as far as saturday goes, right now national weather service has issued an excessive heat watch
11:21 am
for saturday as hour heat index today will get near 105 degrees. heat and humidity. by the time we get to saturday, again, that heat index 110. normally a it's just for a few counties, but look at that. stretches all the way west to marti martinsburg, winchester. i'll step out of the way and you can see the forecast for today 96 to 100. oppressive. for the evening 88 to 93 degrees. warm and muggy for your overnight period we're warm and muggy still. 75 to 81 degrees to start your day tomorrow and, again, a look at tomorrow getting up to 98 to 104 degrees. your four-day forecast monday. 87 for a high. so, we've got after today, two more days. it's through the weekend, really. this high heat. >> any other conditions, we'd say upper 80s is hot, but compared to this stretch, we're going to be feeling a little cooler. thanks, veronica. still ahead, what a man said he did inside p. diddy's home after he broke in. plus, some of the cutest
11:22 am
video we have seen in a long time. it is play time. but, first, leers here's a look at what's hot on
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take a look at this panda playhouse. does it get any cuter than this?
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new video on youtube shows four panda cubs slipping and sliding down a custom made wooden slide. the pandas need a little help from their caregivers at first. this is at the base in china. the reserve is dedicated to saving and breeding jien pandas and other rare animals. love the pandas. all right, today people from all walks of life all across our region are headed to alexandria for a hug and in spiritual leader ama is at the hilton. she is known as the hugging saint. she is known for her spiritual programs and humanitarian work around the world. she has given an estimated 30 million hugs in her lifetime to transmit what she calls the purest form of love. this hugging saint will be in alexandria tomorrow, as well. sean diddy combs always enjoys interact aing with fans. one fan has gotten too close for comfort. taylor was sentenced for breaking into combs east hampton
11:26 am
mansion and living there for a day back in april. he says he drank diddy's liquor, smoke his cigars and slept in his bed. he said he hoped to stay at the house for several days and this isn't the first time taylor has been around combs house. he was arrested at the house back in june of 2001. restraining order, i would imagine, is next. coming up on "news 4 midday" under a heat advisory, again, today. the cautions being taken and when veronica johnson expects to see a break from the heat. it's popular for its video of laughing babies and singing pets, now police are using this internet site to catch the bad guys. a look at how men and women age differently and the steps
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right now mitt romney is criticizing president obama after the labor department released yet another disappointing jobs report. employees created just 80,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate remained at 8.2%. that's proof the president's economic policies aren't working. the president actually called the jobs report a step in the right direction. >> businesses have created 4.4 million new jobs over the past
11:30 am
28 months, including 500,000 new manufacturing jobs. that's a step in the right direction. that's a step in the right direction. but, we can't be satisfied because our goal was never to just keep on working to get back to where we were back in 2007. i want to get back to a time when middle class families and those working to get into the middle class have some basic security. >> the president also said romney's economic policies would not benefit the middle class, just the wealthy. right now more than 11,000 people in our area are still without power. nearly a week after the storm. most of those are pepco customers. utility companies hope to have the power restored for everyone this weekend. heat advisories are in effect as we brace for even warmer weather today. what it will feel like outside is well above 100 degrees.
11:31 am
some agencies are making changes because of that extreme dangerous heat. d.c.'s department of motor vehicles is sliding its operations back an hour. the inspection station will be open from 5:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. also due to the heat, metro is lifting the policy on no drinks. passengers can bring water only on trains and buses today, tomorrow and sunday. well, a dramatic rescue at rehoboth beach as a man was accidentally buried in the sand. he was digging a tunnel when the sand collapsed on top of him. life guards, firefighters and other beach goers started digging to try to rescue him. the man was unconscious when they finally reached but but a local paper reports he was breeging and moving his feet by the time an ambulance took him away. 11:31. let's check win veronica johnson with the forecast. it has been unbearable and the weekend is not looking much
11:32 am
better. >> still triple-digit readings. if you are going to any events outside, make sure you take along the water and make sure you take your camera or have your phone ready, too. take a look at what carol sadler sent us. these are those pouch clouds that form when you have sinking air. you can see how they're smooth and rounded on the bottom. if you can't tell looking at that photo, how about this one sent in from foster rockwell from arlington, virginia. that is mighty cool stuff. that is the kind of stuff that will get you interested in weather. when you see something like that in the sky. temperature today topping out around 100 degrees. we're at 93 degrees right now in d.c. and 91 in stafford and 93 degrees already up in mt. airy. so, it's not going to take much for us to get there. just another seven, eight, nine degrees or so. oppressive conditions, there will be some humidity climbing back. right now it's cooperating. again, some sunshine out there
11:33 am
with a few clouds. by tonight, 9:00, the temperature, i think still at 93 degrees and start the day plenty warm and upper 70s to low 80s. coming up, a big cool down coming. >> looking forward to that. thanks, veronica. nearly after a week after the storm trees brought down officials are helping you clean up the debris. d.c., maryland and virginia will send out special storm tree debris. just logon and search debris. you'll find a long list of where and what crews will haul away for you. a safety alert for female shoppers in northern virginia. fairfax county, virginia, need help finding a man who upskirted a woman at a target store. tried to snap a picture up a woman's skirt last month. this happened near bailey's crossroads. when she turned around the man quickly jumped away from her and she saw a bright flash. another warning for female
11:34 am
shoppers. a man lifted a woman's skirt and sexually assaulted her at the boston common mall. it happened as she walked to her car on the fourth floor of the parking garage tuesday afternoon. police say the man ran away when the woman screamed. police did not release a description of the person they're looking for in this case. you might think it's just for viral videos but police departments are finding another use for youtube crimestopper. it along with other social media are becoming go-to destinations to get the word out about crimes and get the public's help. pete williams takes a closer look. in akron, ohio, police want to know who was using stolen credit cards to buy things at local stores. this week they posted this surveillance video on youtube hoping to generate tips. part of a growing trend seeking public help by putting videos online, hoping someone will see a familiar face. philadelphia police tried it after a woman riding on a city bus beat up a passenger. just two days after the video was posted, investigators got a tip that led to an arrest.
11:35 am
authorities in philadelphia say since starting their video villains program a year ago, they've used youtube and other social media to help solve 85 crimes. it's the latest example of using the media to reach out for tips. first came posters and newspaper articles and then crimestopper segments on local television and now social media, twitter, facebook and more and more, youtube. a survey by the international association of chiefs of police shows that nearly 90% of the nation's law enforcement agencies use social media of some kind to seek public help. youtube is coming on strong. many agencies have now set up their own youtube channels and surveillance videos from crime scenes are internet ready. police in montgomery county, maryland, are convinced it is effective. they used the internet tool of youtube ininvestigate a crime apparently organized on the internet, a flash mob robbing a convenience store. >> people in the community were able to view the video and then help us identify people in the
11:36 am
video. but more than that, it also helped investigators see who was responsible for doing what specific acts. >> reporter: videos can be posted instantly, getting the word out quickly and helping cril nms before they can attack, again. >> you are bound to run into some delays with stations closed on three of the system's five lines. buses will replace trains between stadium armory and new carrollton. that means five stations online will be closed. on the blue line, they'll run between benning road and on the red line, buses will replace trains and silver spring. there will also be single tracking on the green line. all work starts at 10:00 tonight and should be done by monday morning. that is the music of chuck brown, of course. this weekend's smithsonian festival will now honor the late
11:37 am
music legend. organizers designate tomorrow as chuck brown tribute day. it includes performances, story telling about the history of go-go and a go-go themed fitness routine. brown died in may from complications of pneumonia. the festival runs through sunday on the national mall. a high honor for britain's prince william. the queen awarded him scotland's highest honor. he is now order of the thistle. prince william and his wife, kate, were all there. 8,000 guests enjoyed a party at the royal scottish resident. pretty fancy. the death certificate of andy griffith shows the legendary actor died of a heart attack. he suffered from coronary artery disease, hypertension and high cholesterol. the 86-year-old actor died on tuesday and was buried in a family cemetery in north carolina, shortly after his death he starred in the "andy
11:38 am
griffith" show and then "matlock" later in his career. a growing trend for quite some time and popularity of procedures for men like botox is even bigger. what is pushing men to go under the knife or the needle. the numbers are out, chin implants up an amazing 14% over last year and facelifts and eye dependent lifts increased up over 8%. laser hair removal up 13%. fillers and botox use continue to grow in men up to 8% and 11% in men. what are driving these numbers? why are men considering going under the needle and the knife more frequently? >> it is really a surprise, especially in these economic times. but maybe a lot of it has to do with men that are working longer and people are retiring less. some people have retired and now moving back into the workforce. so, here in washington, we see a lot of men are doing this for professional reasons and competing with younger men, socially, professionally and
11:39 am
they want to look the part. they want to look fit and they want to look appropriate. >> do you find it's more face or body? >> you know, there's a lot, more face, really. now, probably 30% of our patients are men and they're doing lesser things. they're not doing big facelifts or little necklifts and making their eyes look less tired. botox filler is great for men because there is no scars and men don't want scars and they don't want things they have to use makeup for although hair transplant, again, is really improved and looks really natural and men are certainly utilizing these projects now. >> explain how men and women age differently. there was the old saying that men age more gracefully than women do or more distinguished, they are more distinguished looking in their older age. >> men have convinced women of and women are propagating this myth but it's really not true,
11:40 am
of course. certain things are different. for instance, men never get these little lipstick lines that drive women crazy. must be a hormonal thing because that's something that distinguishes the aging difference between men and women. men, again, they don't distribute fat. it's always in the belt distribution. men are easier candidates for liposuction because it's only here where women distribute fat in various places. other than that, the hormone thing still has a big effect, we don't go through a "menopausal change," which has a big effect on women's ability to lose weight and on their skin quality. >> do men go through the same changing in their aging that reduces metabolism and other issues. >> it seems to be a lot of a factor. a lot of men are turning towards using hormones or testosterones
11:41 am
or growth hormones. a lot of factors out there and medications for men that help reduce hair loss, that help reduce libido issues. men are doing, you know, they're taking advantage of these, these advances. >> are people's attitudes changing, though, about men getting the cosmetic procedures? >> i don't really think so. men are going to gyms and working out more and smoking less and getting their nails done. they're getting botox. you know, the tabu is over and as long as we can offer things. the thing that is different is the surgery now, it's, again, minimal incision. no scars to be seen. so that the taboo of having a permanent scar, men can do these things now. they can do these things and not look operated. >> thanks for sharing your insight on this matter. >> always a pleasure. >> we'll see you next time. 11:41. still ahead on news 4 midday, how investors are reacting to today's jobs report. plus, a baby clothing controversy.
11:42 am
the suit that some parents say goes too f
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welcome back. d.c. cabs could soon be undergoing some major changes. next week the d.c. council will vote on a $30 million contract with a company called verophone. cabs will get credit card readers and gps technology and small tv monitors. the gps is not to spy on drivers, but to get a better idea of the typical routes they take every day while on duty. >> we have no understanding of where the cabs are, how they're moving and what improvements might need to be made in terms of underserved area. if you're not in operations following you, if you go home or off somewhere in your taxi, that's up to you. if you're opaerating your taxi, we want to know where they are operating. >> d.c. has a national contract with veraphone so you'll watch dc programming and cabs will
11:46 am
receive all the upgrades by the end of the year. the u.s. economy added only 80,000 jobs in june. let's check in with kayla. she joins us live with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. good morning. >> good morning. the stock market is set to end the week in the red on the back of a dismal jobs report as those june numbers were worse than expected. right now in the market, we have the dow down more than 174 points. the nasdaq down by 47 points and the s&p losing 17 points today. now, today we got another month of that lackluster jobs data that is starting to become familiar territory. that makes the second quarter of 2012 the worst three-month period for jobs in two years. nonpayrolls added 80,000 jobs for the month. economists expected 100,000 jobs. now, this comes after payroll company adp says its measure of the private sector saw 176,000
11:47 am
jobs added. that was a huge beat on that figure but, obviously, a discrepancy there. bank of america lobbying cross the line. the banks now defunth countrywide financial used a vip mortgage program to influence lawmakers. that report said it was used to kill legislation that could have hurt the company's profits. the program ran between 1991 and 2008. yahoo! may finally get a permanent ceo. the company's former head of media, ross leaven son. we're hoping for a decision there very shortly. eun, back to you. >> have a great weekend. a virginia gym says it's changing its membership policies after a gay man sued claiming it discriminated against him. he bought a family membership for himself, his partner and their 2-year-old son in may. the couple says they wanted
11:48 am
their son to enjoy the outdoor pool. club officials turned them away saying same-sex couples don't meet the state's legal definition of a family. >> we were really surprised. like someone punched us in a stomach. it was from a place they couldn't imagine that there would be this kind of discrimination and attack. >> the club posted on its facebook page that it will start offering family memberships to couples who have children and who are living together no matter their sexual orientation. the florida life guard who was leaving his post he was watching miaa beach in miami on monday. he went to help in the rescue, but in doing so he left the zone he was trying to patrol. lopez was fired almost immediately and he was offered his job back yesterday, but turned it down. it is now, 11:48. coming up, how long katie holmes has been considering divorce. plus, meteorologist veronica
11:49 am
johnson will be back with your
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11:51 am
tiger's niece just turned pro. she is competing in the u.s. women's open and she shot three
11:52 am
over par in round one yesterday and six strokes off the lead. she tees off at 3:20 this afternoon. this is the first pro tournament she is qualified for. i'm sure we'll see more of her. three players on next week's all-star game roster. bryce harper will not be one of them. he finished third to select the last player to make the all-star team. david freese finished first and this might have taken some of the sting out of missing the all-star game. harp aer scored the winning run in the nats' 6-5 win over the giants last night. nationals scored twice in the ninth inning to tie and eventually win the game. they swept the giants and have won four games in a row now. o osawesome. the tom cruise/katie holmes divorce tops this week's report. tommy mcfly is here to talk about all this. i don't know how many people were truly surprised by this split, but, i think that there is some new information that says katie might have been
11:53 am
thinking about this for some time. elle magazine she says to "elle" magazine she is entering a new phase of her life and she knows where she wants to go. do you think this was going down an ugly road? >> they tried to dump it off friday afternoon so they usually try to do with celebrity things and we caught it and tom cruise was spotted wearing his wedding ring up to a week ago. a top form escietologist said we're going to learn a lot about katie's deep, dark secrets. they just kept tabs of it. this may all come out in the divorce procedures. the clerks in the grocery store say they're in much better spirits now that she filed for separation. >> how much do you think it had to do with her decision? >> i think it had an impact. any religion that you're in, if you're not the same religion as your spouse, that's a problem.
11:54 am
tom wanted to put sir irx on this cruise and we haven't confirmed any of that. scientol scientology is a very secretive. it's interesting, too, because she filed in new york, which is said to have more lenient custody laws. some plays that are going on here and she also today just filed for temporary support from tom. >> you talked to mark wahlberg, i am a big fan, our producer is a big fan and we hope he's a nice guy. he has a new movie out that is doing well "ted." >> i have seen it twice already. it is a very hard r. >> the material, so, you have to take it up with him, first of all. and second of all, i didn't know anything about it. >> this comes up because there's a line in the movie where mark wahlberg's character says to joan mckale's character i hope you get lou gehrig's dezoez and
11:55 am
the whole als movement not so thrilled about it. dude, what's the story with it. he didn't even know it was a thing and he basically said, i would talk to seth mcfarland, he is the guy who wrote it. >> the movie offends lots of people, no? this is like, take no prisoners. >> they make fun of teddy bears and make fun of everything. norah jones gets made fun of for crying out loud. >> did he enjoy making the movie? >> he had a total blast and how could you not spending that much time with mila kunis. >> was he a nice guy? >> he was a very sleepy guy. he yawned alp eed halfway throu interview. >> questionable onesie. cartoon picture of a woman in a bikini and this is ridiculous and outrageous. >> people are tweeting back saying that's hilarious and others said that is completely
11:56 am
distasteful. 50/50 split and comes down to the sense of humor the parent has. do you want your kid to find that photo of them and hate you even more in 15 years? >> i guess both sides have an argument and i don't think one side is going to change the other side's mind. >> no. >> how good a sense of humor your kids have because they're going to find that picture some day. >> have a grit weekend. let's take a look at some of the stories we're following on news 4 this afternoon. pat lawson muse joins us in the newsroom. >> coming up this afternoon on news 4 beginning at 4:00. gas prices, we know, are heading down. but for how long? we see a a lot of drivers aren't taking the lower prices for granted. we'll tell you what some people believe are behind this unusual summertime drop at the pump. after a challenging week of power outages in the aftermath of last friday's storm, we have hugs for you. free hugs. some folks are lining up for what is being called a
11:57 am
life-changing experience. we'll have those stories and much more tonight on news 4 starting at 4:00. >> all right, we'll see you then, pat, thank you. let's get a final check of the forecast now. veronica johnson joins us, again, with this heat wave. veronica. >> you want to be inside this weekend and great event for kids going on at the gaylord national resort and leads up to the big event at the verizon center. how kids can learn to train their dinosaur. temperatures in the low 90s across the area. and ocean city at 88 degrees. it is pretty quiet. where is everybody right now? hopefully they will be heading that way because, again, a hot one for us as we head into the triple digits this weekend. as far as a ocean city right now, that water temperature is at 78 degrees right now. forecast, 94 for saturday and our high temperature on saturday will be topping out at 103. 99 on sunday. we're going to see that heat really come down some 20 degrees lower next week. cooler, less humidity and i even
11:58 am
like the fact that we're talking about a couple of days where we have rain chances finally in the forecast. but for sunday, heads up. we could have some strong storms coming through. >> 80s never felt so good. can't wait. thank you, veronica, very much. that does it for "news 4 midday" tune in for news 4 at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. we'll be back monday morning and hope you'll join us then. until then, have a great day and a terrific weekend. we'll see you on monday.
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